United by Humanity: Art by Alum James Gasowski

Monday, November 17, 2014
SAN LUIS OBISPO TRIBUNE -- James Gasowski is an international painter who is mostly self-taught, learning through life experiences. The thick textures and bold colors in his work come from his need to express himself, spiritually and emotionally. His paintings and collage work, presented on both canvas and wood panels, are exhibited in a solo show at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance in San Luis Obispo through December 5. Gasowski, born in San Francisco in 1954, joined the military in 1972 and decided to become an artist while in the service. He started his education at San Francisco State University and then attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco. He moved to Kiel, Germany, in 1980 and began to paint and study on his own. It was in Europe that his art became more personal and symbolic.