ZOFO Duet Introduces Bolcom Premiere in 'Dazzling' SFSU Recital

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
SAN FRANCISCO CLASSICAL VOICE -- In five years of existence the dynamic piano duo ZOFO (“20-finger orchestra”) has racked up two Grammy nominations and a competition win. Perhaps more impressively, they’ve given 11 world premieres of commissioned works. They brought the latest of these, by William Bolcom, to Morrison Artists Series at SFSU on Sunday afternoon, while dazzling the audience in a program of contemporary works. All told, ZOFO has chemistry that makes musical and dramatic sparks ferociously fly. The mission of the Morrison series is to bring world-class artists from both around the globe and around the block to audiences, free of cost. Given the duo’s international roots, local stomping grounds and captivating musicianship, ZOFO incarnated this mission beautifully.