Double the Trouble: Twin Alumni Ron and Reggie Richardson Co-principal at San Leandro High School

Monday, December 15, 2014
Photo of Ron and Reggie Richardson

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- At 9 years old, Ron and Reggie Richardson amazed passersby while dancing in sync to Michael Jackson’s music in their neighborhood streets. Today as adults, they have taken their connection further, into their new jobs as co-principals of a San Leandro high school. The 38-year-old SF State alumni recently started their positions at San Leandro High School during the fall semester, after leaving another co-principalship at Oakland’s Claremont Middle School.

“It’s not that we are brothers or twin brothers; it’s that we have a very similar mindset,” Ron said. “We are spiritually connected as twin brothers but as coworkers as well. We keep stability to a high school, which is important at the that level.”

Ron and Reggie completed their undergraduate studies at SF State, where they were the co-captains of the men’s track team, and each graduated in 2000 with a degree in Liberal Arts.