Alum Kathy Ostram Recalls Covering Monterey Pop Fest for Student Newspapers

Monday, January 04, 2016
DIGITAL JOURNAL -- As the extended showing of Amy J. Bergs new documentary “Janis: Little Girl Blue” winds down at The Roxie Theater, former San Francisco State journalist Kathy Bramwell Ostram shared her recollections of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. “That time was so special, it was the best time of my life,” Ostram said. Now, a grandmother, Ostram has retired to Sonoma. But those memories of the legendary days of Monterey Pop still linger. That is why she was eager to see the documentary. “When I was at SF State U., I worked on the Daily Gator and, ironically, when the campus erupted with protests during the time I was there, another paper emerged while the Daily Gator went on strike with the student protests. It was called The Phoenix, and the editor there put me in charge of the arts and entertainment column.”