Professor Laura Wayth Dishes on Auditioning for Shakespeare

Thursday, January 14, 2016
Photo of Laura Wayth

SHAKESPEARE UNLIMITED (FOLGER SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY) -- Laura Wayth is assistant professor of Theatre Arts at San Francisco State University and the author of a “how-to” book called “The Shakespeare Audition: How to Get Over Your Fear, Find the Right Piece and Have a Great Audition.”

“I often say that if Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be a slam poet,” Wayth said. “I say that because it’s a heightened, rhythmic, powerful use of language. Music is the best way to understand that. I always find that my students who are musical take to this work much more quickly than students who maybe have more of a kinesthetic sense or a different point of entry.”

Actors Stephanie Ann Foster, Mike Ryan and Bruce Avery performed pieces of Shakespeare verse on the air, followed by commentary by Wayth.