Professor Tuman Analyzes State of the Union Speech

Thursday, January 14, 2016
KQED-FM FORUM (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Joseph Tuman, professor of Communication Studies, discussed President Obama’s final State of the Union address, delivered January 12 to a joint session of Congress. “When he talked about the need to show more sensitivity … what he was talking about was American values and this idea of being inclusive. That was a strong moment, and frankly, that is, for me, was the most important part of the speech,” Tuman said. “It’s the most important issue. If we’re going to dictate and try and lead other countries, we have to be the model. And it’s not enough to be just the strongest or the richest country — you want to espouse values that you also practice. “It was in those moments, I thought, that he was talking about things that did resonate with a lot of people who feel very frustrated with our government.”