Professor Todorov Takes Stunning Photos of the U.S. While Flying

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
THE WEATHER CHANNEL -- The photos are so striking that it’s hard to believe that photography is not Torodov’s main gig. Torodov is actually an accomplished violinist and a professor of Music at San Francisco State University. “If I’m well organized — which often times I’m not — I can fly the plane, I can play my violin, I can teach, I can take pictures and I can take a second flight at sunset,” the artist told KQED. In 2015, Torodov won a first place International Photography Award, second place in the Sony World Photography Awards and was named Nature Photographer of the Year. “We have a lot of patterns and repetition in music,” Torodov said. “There’s a lot of discipline. There are rules, but when you break them — that’s when it gets exciting. When you apply all of that to a new art form, you can advance quite fast. Music and photography are very similar in many ways.”