Professor Cunningham on 'Odd Todd': A Northern California Legend

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
THE INERTIA -- “Odd Todd” is an exceedingly humble, reluctant participant in the telling of his own story. Through a series of interviews and anecdotes from friends and admirers alike, a universally loved, “renegade soul” emerges. In this age of shameless self-promotion, we find a rare individual, as defined by the proud tradition of the surf community’s oral history. Within this resplendent collective consciousness, indelible memories of only the most honorable legends live on in a state of timeless respect. As Sachi Cunningham, professor of Journalism at San Francisco State University, pointed out, SeaLevelTV’s approach follows the genre of literary journalism invented at Esquire Magazine in the 1960s by writer Gay Talese with his piece known as “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.”