Student Talent Takes Center Stage in 'The Fringe'

Wednesday, April 06, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “Comm 150” is centered around five SF State students enrolled in a communications course. Throughout the show, students receive writing assignments that remind them of painful past experiences. “I wrote this play because I wanted to explore the fascinating reality that, though there is no one untouched by tragedy, we seem to forget that we are not the only ones dealing with hardship,” Marte said. “Everybody you will ever meet or have ever met has known pain. We all have stories we’d rather not tell.” The play is one of several taking place as part of this semester’s Fringe series, an event put on by the theatre arts department that features a series of one-act plays written and directed by students. “Everything you see when you go to The Fringe is done by the students at SF State – that’s a huge testament to how much talent is on this campus,” Marte said.