Former Instructor Felicia Lowe's 'Chinese Couplets' Film Premieres

Thursday, April 21, 2016
EXAMINER.COM -- Veteran Bay Area filmmaker Felicia Lowe’s documentary “Chinese Couplets” will premiere locally on KQED during Asian Pacific Heritage Month in May. Part memoir, part history, part investigation, the film spans two centuries, three countries and four generations of women in this intimate story that reveals the impact of America’s Chinese Exclusion era on her family. Lowe offers a nuanced, engaging approach to the debate that details the long-term, multi-generational effects of ethnically motivated immigration policies while imparting a cautionary tale of living with cultural pluralism in the 21st century. In 1979, Lowe documented her trip to China to meet her paternal grandmother and made “China: Land of My Father.” It was broadcast on PBS and garnered numerous awards. She has taught film production and scriptwriting at San Francisco State and Stanford universities.