Oscar Winner Jonas Rivera to Share His Story with Graduates at Commencement

Thursday, May 19, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Rivera graduated in 1995, accepting a full-time position at a then unknown Pixar where he interned during school. As an intern, Rivera fetched coffee and salami sandwiches for John Lasseter and the people who redefined the future of animation. He grew up alongside Woody and Buzz Lightyear, there for the launch of the first ever feature-length computer-animated film, “Toy Story,” which premiered the year he joined the team. Today, Rivera has stepped into one of the studio’s vice presidential roles, and along with his colleagues he is now the one hashing out new ideas for the evolution of Pixar production and operations. Vice President of University Advancement Robert Nava said the Alumni Association has been looking for a way to honor Rivera’s achievements. When his name was mentioned at a Commencement committee meeting, Rivera was immediately moved to the top of the list. “We’re living in a world where innovation and creativity are very important,” Nava said.