Oscar-winning Alum Jonas Rivera Tells SF State Grads to 'Make Great Things'

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
SF STATE NEWS -- Pixar film producer Jonas Rivera, who picked up his first Academy Award this year for the hit “Inside Out," told San Francisco State University’s class of 2016 to prioritize what they love at the University’s 115th Commencement today. An SF State alumnus himself, Rivera addressed more than 35,000 graduates and guests attending the Commencement ceremony in San Francisco’s AT&T Park. “Your passions, the things you feel strongly about, are the most important tools you have to guide your life decisions,” Rivera said. “You have to find out what you love, what’s important to you and then figure out how to honor that in your life and in your work.” Rivera was a film production major at SF State when he saw the early Pixar short “Luxo Jr.” in a class and was inspired to give the fledgling company a call. He talked his way into a production office internship on Pixar’s first feature film, “Toy Story,” then parlayed that into a permanent job.