Professor Garcia-Castañon Checks the Latino Political Pulse on Election Day

Tuesday, June 07, 2016
NBC NEWS -- “Within 15 years, the youngest voters will have come of age having helped their parents interpret ballot measures, had long conversations with their families about the (lack of) immigration reform and the biased, hateful language lobbed at them for being born Latino. “California’s Latino youth voters and their parents have already spent the last decade, or longer, siding with Democrats, discussing and rallying for immigration reform and finding little representation in the political system, but as their increasing presence in the voting electorate solidifies, their value as voters will only increase, for California and the nation. “It is with this emerging electorate, and their role in shaping their parents political engagement, that we will see the newest wave of California voters, many of whom will flex their political muscles as early as June 7, 2016.” Marcela García-Castañon is assistant professor in the Political Science Department at San Francisco State University.