Alum Vijay Anderson, Professor Modirzadeh Go with the Flow in Santa Barbara

Friday, July 08, 2016
SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT -- The two are noted figures in Bay Area jazz, which, though lacking in the deep history of New York or Chicago, nevertheless enjoys an eclectic, intergenerational exchange between creative musicians pushing the genre forward in new ways, says Anderson. As a freelance drummer, he has built a reputation for original and dynamic rhythms, while Modirzadeh is both an acclaimed innovator and researcher, currently holding a professorship in creative music studies at San Francisco State University. The two met when Anderson was a student of Modirzadeh’s while an undergrad at SFSU. They became reacquainted two years ago and realized there was a strong connection, with both preferring to travel open-endedly upon jazzy roads of uncharted and unpredictable nature. “Vijay is one of the most original drummers to come around these parts in a long time,” Modirzadeh said. “His is a singular voice on his instrument, pared down, honest, with an extensive dynamic range.”