Instructor Paula Perreira Makes Magic With Vinyl

Thursday, August 18, 2016
7X7 (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Andersson and Perreira have combined their skills — the former is the taskmaster, the latter the perfectionist — to render the distant connection between their chosen California home with their not-forgotten homelands in a large-scale site-specific installation of two contrasting panels, each full of graphic shapes and color. It is a visual storytelling that explores the meaning of living abroad, where daytime here means nighttime for the family far away. One panel, a familiar California landscape, might evoke the bright blues and greens of the coast along Highway 1, while a darker panel, rendered in black and blue vinyl strips, is meant to suggest nighttime in the homes the women left behind. To execute an installation on the scale of State Gallery, Perreira and Andersson met daily in their studio in Palo Alto. This all happens after their nine-to-fives—Andersson is the domain manager at Zazzle; Perreira teaches photography at SF State.