Catching Up with Greta Mudflap a.k.a. Professor Greta Snider

Thursday, August 25, 2016
DIRT RAG -- Equal parts comic book, scrapbook, reviews, interviews and accounts of my personal adventures as a punk-rock bicyclist. Mudflap was one of many fanzines that emerged in a weird spike, during the death throes of the Xerox era. This kind of thing happens in waves—an economy of “arte povera” provides a fertile wrack line of outdated technology, and magic can happen. Kinkos was open 24 hours, punk rockers across the nation got scantily supervised jobs there, and a publishing network flourished. In my case, a scavenged Xerox machine appeared in the warehouse I shared with six other people in San Francisco’s South of Market, and suddenly there was no reason not to make a fanzine. Unlike most of my punk-rock friends, I was never musical. So mine was a fanzine of cycling. NOW I make and show art movies and I teach Cinema at San Francisco State. I think I enjoy cinema’s ability to be spooky, ephemeral and less literal. I am still a total bike nerd.