Open to Public, Presidential Election Class Cuts Through the Noise

Thursday, September 01, 2016
Photo of Joel Kassiola and Marcela Garcia-Castanon in front of bookshelf

SF STATE NEWS -- Structured as a two-unit course, the lecture series is offered to students as a credit/no-credit class. Unlike any other class at SF State, however, it’s also offered to the public at no cost.

Professor of Political Science Joel Kassiola created the course in 2004. “Initially, I saw this as a great opportunity to get students and the public hooked on topics and lectures that they may not normally be interested in,” Kassiola said. “But during an election year, you automatically have an audience.”

Kassiola and Assistant Professor of Political Science Marcela Garcia-Castañon have organized the series into 15 weekly, 100-minute classes. Each class features a panel of SF State faculty members from various disciplines exploring a range of topics, including the criminal justice system, the Electoral College, immigration, the economy and foreign policy.

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