BECA’s Studio One Gets Facelift from ABC 7 Donation

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Steven Milazzo, a senior BECA student, believes that getting to use a professional news set will be helpful for the department and its students. “I think anytime we get to use real sets, it just adds practical value to the class since it allows us to practice in an environment that is similar to a real studio,” Milazzo said. Jason Cruz, another BECA student agrees. “From what I have seen the set should be very helpful for the department, especially since we bought a new lighting system to go along with it,” Cruz said. Unlike the set, the BECA department had to pay for a new lighting system, since the old ones needed replacing. “The old lights were like from the ‘60s and ‘70s so we really needed the new LED lights for the studio and set,” Cruz said.