Design Students Make Environmental Statement with PARK(ing) Day

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- PARK(ing) Day is a worldwide annual event where artists, designers, architects, and many other volunteers transform metered parking spaces into temporary art installations and green space. With the help of Sustainable SF State, the University has been a part of this tradition since 2006, according to DAI 300 Design Process Professor Ricardo Gomes. Gomes assigned the PARK(ing) Day project to students on the first day of instruction. “It seemed quite natural for us to look at the PARK(ing) Day event as a way in which we could ask how do we deal with a problem,” said Gomes. “In this case, the problem of the environment or the problem of creating more green space in a dense urban environment.” Another big hit of the day was the Zen Den in the quad. This particular installation addressed physical and mental health. “When people think of health, a lot of times they don’t include mental health and that’s what we wanted to focus on,” design major Cody Peilatiro said.