Sex, Gender Roles Take Center Stage in Victorian Comedy in Little Theatre

Thursday, October 20, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “It’s a comedy of manners. Traditionally what that means is that we are watching a play about the ways in which a society’s manners, way of dealing with each other, can actually be a limitation on them,” Professor and “In The Next Room” director Bill Peters said. Assistant director and SF State alum, Bella Gadsby, describes the play as humorous, bright and witty while having extraordinary depth and insight. “I think this play is exciting—pun completely intended—and incredibly stimulating,” Gadsby said. “The vibrator is a central character, which isn’t to say this play works only on the cheap laugh of using a sex toy onstage. The playwright uses the prop in such a way that it’s meaning and purpose goes beyond a simple laugh.”