Civic Engagement on Full Display as Election Day Approaches

Monday, October 24, 2016
SF STATE NEWS -- There is also frustration at a political process that seems to leave young voters and people of color out, as several students expressed during an event hosted this week by the SF State Speech and Debate Team. Following the final presidential debate, speech and debate team members from SF State and City College of San Francisco shared their thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s performance, style and content as well as whether or not they addressed the issues important to them. Several implored their fellow students to register to vote and to remember the local and statewide races where they can also make a difference. Faculty members have been hard at work to help students — and the public — better understand the issues and candidates on the ballot. The Presidential Election Public Lecture Series is open to the public every Tuesday through December 13 and features a panel of faculty experts from various disciplines exploring a range of topics.