Professor Robert Smith on Trump Victory: 'An Unexpected and Dangerous Outcome'

Wednesday, November 09, 2016
AFRO AMERICAN -- “It is going to take us political scientists a long time to figure this out,” said Robert Smith, a political analyst with San Francisco State University. He added, “This is an unexpected and dangerous outcome.” Some political observers said Trump fuelled his rise to victory by using derogatory, sometimes racist and otherwise incendiary rhetoric to stoke resentment — some racist in nature — among white voters. “The outcome of this election is an expression of a kind of white nationalism and not just among working-class whites, but among all whites, who have a sense that this country is becoming non-white and they resent that,” said Smith, the San Francisco-based political analyst. “Trump said he would make America great again and for some that meant white again. ... “What you can expect from a Trump presidency is probably the most inhospitable environment for African Americans since the 1950s.”