Design Gallery Displays Collection of Revolutionary Newspapers

Monday, November 14, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “Revolution Times,” curated by students and design faculty Stacy Asher and Aaron Sutherlen from University of Nebraska, had its opening reception and accompanying gallery talk Thursday, two weeks after the gallery officially opened to the public. Jennings, who had been a part of the Black Panthers Party in the late ’60s, provided first-hand experience on his collection to an intimate audience. “I started going to political education classes, then I joined the Black Panther Party. In the party you can’t just join — you can’t just walk off the street and say you’re a panther — you have to go through a six or eight week training,” Jennings said. “Part of that training is to attend political education training classes and to read the Black Panther Party Newspaper thoroughly before you sell it. At that time the Black Panther Party Newspaper was our biggest vehicle for reaching people and educating people.”