Alum Jeffrey Orgill Directs Dark Comedy 'Boppin' at the Glue Factory'

Friday, November 18, 2016
411 MANIA -- Jeffrey Orgill is a noted indie writer/director who has been kicking around the film world since the mid-1990s. He’s been involved in every aspect of movie production, from editing and music to writing and producing and directing. His first feature effort as a director, “Boppin’ at the Glue Factory,” is a strange, dark comedy about addiction that takes place at an old age convalescent home. It has won awards all over the world at various film festivals and is a fine example of a truly creative mind at work. “When I went to film school at San Francisco State University I found myself drawn beyond sound design and music into editing and filmmaking. A crucial experience for me was seeing Spike Lee’s film ‘Do The Right Thing’ because I really felt Spike Lee’s feelings pouring out of it and I realized that a person could communicate through film in a personal way akin to music,” Orgill says.