LCA Next Stop: Art

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Students mix dirt and clay

For her Master of Fine Arts thesis, Bronwyn Dexter is working with materials such as latex, resin, fabric, lights — and lots of trash. She represents the School of Art in the fourth installment of the College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ video series, “Next Stop.”

“I’m building a mold of a trash mountain,” Dexter says. Her storyboard illustrates visions of light and sound pulsating and oozing out of the trash mountain. She says her work attempts to find meanings and representations between physical and mental spaces.

Dexter, who graduates in May, says the length of the School of Art’s M.F.A. program — three years — is among its strongest suits.

“I really benefited from that, just having a lot more studio time, and it’s a little bit different pacing,” she says. “When you come out of this program, I think that you’re possibly a more skilled artist than in a two-year program. ... I can now go out into the world and be an artist, and I have this stable platform underneath me to do that.”

LCA Next Stop

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Video directed by Hannah Anderson. Cinematography by Anderson Roger Habon. Edited by Anderson. Produced by the College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ Communications Team.




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