Beep Beep: An Interview with Alum Brandon Brown

Monday, December 12, 2016
HYPERALLERGIC -- Brandon Brown is a poet and translator living in the Bay Area, where he received a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts from San Francisco State University, and where he helps curate the Heart’s Desire reading series at the Bay Area Public School. “The fundamental practice which aids and abets my writing is daydreaming, and I do it as often as I can,” Brown says. “I live in the east Bay Area and don’t drive, so much of the free time allotted me when I’m not at my day job is spent walking, to and from trains, here and there, hence and thence. Sometimes on these walks I listen to headphones, but I prefer to use the time for daydreaming. “Most of what I make is conceptualized and even composed that way, in my head. The closest I get to the rapture is probably when I get momentum in editing. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the great theory of the daydream. I don’t know who has one but it must exist.”