Student Play 'Sucia' Showcases Young Latinx Theatre Artists

Thursday, March 01, 2018
Photo of Omar Osoria-Peña, Regina Leon and Brian Avant looking at a book

KALW-FM (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Sucia is a story is for girls who aren't afraid to get their hands “dirty.” A motherless girl known only as Sucia becomes the backbone of a new family. In spite of dire financial straits and the demands of her domestic life, Sucia dares to chase her Ivy League dreams.

Sucia is part of the Fringe, a showcase for student playwrights. Throughout its existence, the Fringe at San Francisco State University has been an opportunity for the diverse and multicultural voices of students. It has produced many plays by Asian American, Latino, African American, and gay and lesbian writers, delving deeply and entertainingly into the many aspects of culture represented in the SFSU theatre and creative writing programs. Fringe has produced work by nationally and regionally prominent playwrights, including Marcus Gardley, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, Claire Rice, Christopher Chen and Evelyn Pine.

“I was so excited just to see these young Latinx theatre artists having a different interpretation of, I believe it’s kind of an adaptation of a Cinderella story,” theatre artist Sarita Ocón says. “I find that kind of work very, very exciting, and I'm all for supporting our next generation.”

Photo, from left: Omar Osoria Peña, Regina Leon and Brian Avant star in Sucia. Photo by Sreang Hok.