Alum Victoria Laherty Adams Writes Book for Parents of Children with Autism

Monday, January 07, 2019

GET FRANK (NEW ZEALAND) -- “I was born in San Francisco, studied music in college, then at SF State University, studied Creative Writing and Broadcasting. I worked on a radio show in San Francisco, interviewed comedians, wrote comedy scripts and performed with my then husband, Alex Adams. I then worked in London on documentary arts series scripts.

“My little toddler son began showing odd symptoms about this time. I didn’t have a clue what they meant. I asked a London child psychiatrist about what to do, and he said, ‘The question is not what to do for him, but where to put him.” Right then I knew I had to get out of London and get Timothy to a university. I knew we had to get him to University of California at San Francisco. There, when I was seven months pregnant, we got the diagnosis: autism. It killed me, but I had to be strong for my unborn child and to find treatment for my son. I found behavioral Intervention, the path to keeping your child from falling further into autism and, in many cases, drawing them out.”