Alum Savannah Culp Creates Her Own Clothing Line, Love Homage

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

BOISE WEEKLY (IDAHO) -- When Culp turned 18, she moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University to study studio art and art history. Living in Chinatown, she found a love for painting. Every night when she got back to her apartment, she would roll out a canvas and get to work.

“I got into painting and marbling shirts,” said Culp. “It dawned on me that I should start painting fabric just like I would a canvas. When I stretched my first piece of fabric and painted it, I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s going to be Love Homage.’”

The name Love Homage had been spinning through Culp’s mind for a while, and after that first painting on fabric grounded the idea she knew she would create a fashion line under it. The name is inspired by the idea of paying homage to times in her life that she thinks of fondly.

“It’s about my love of the world. It also came from my love of collecting trinkets and holding onto them forever, even though they only have sentimental value,=” said Culp. “Whether it’s a ticket to a museum, a receipt or a little trinket from Chinatown — no matter how small or inferior it is. I’m a very sentimental, nostalgic person.”