'A Pinch of Luck and Mojo' Fuel Alum Caleb Cabrera on Pedicab and Onstage

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Photo of actors David Everett Moore and Caleb Cabrera in a scene from the play Transfers
David Everett Moore (left) and Caleb Cabrera (as Christofer Rodriguez) star in Transfers at Crowded Fire Theater. Photo by Cheshire Isaacs.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Cabrera himself was a transfer student, from Sacramento’s Cosumnes River College, where he got interested in acting, to San Francisco State University. “I got a little piece of paper that had all of the requirements to transfer to a state school, and I carried that piece of paper around for a couple of years, checking off boxes of what I’d completed.” He likes to think his character in the play does something similar.