Professor Belkin: 'Court Packing Is Integral to Any Effort to Restore Democracy'

Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Photo of all nine Supreme Court justices in front of a dark red curtain
Photo by Fred Schilling

CNN -- “Court packing is integral to any effort to restore democracy,” asserts Aaron Belkin, a San Francisco State University Political Science professor who is executive director of Pack the Courts, a group advocating an expanded bench. Belkin, backed by a board that includes some prominent law professors, insists that liberal legislative proposals, such as to counteract climate change or expand Medicare, must be accompanied by a plan to ensure that such initiatives would be upheld in court.

Belkin said Pack the Courts has raised $500,000 to support its efforts to generate support among presidential candidates, including by working in the field in Iowa. Belkin said his group’s recommendation is the addition of four more justices, appointed by the president to life-tenured seats.