Alum Harry Chuck's Film 'Chinatown Rising' Explores History, Politicization of Iconic Neighborhood

Wednesday, May 01, 2019
Photo of housing rally in San Francisco's Chinatown
Photo courtesy of Harry Chuck

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Harry Chuck has lived his life in two parallels. He was the man who ministered at Cameron House and would go on to be its director. The activist on the front lines, working to protect the only home he’d ever known, the very place that made him who he was. The man who would go on to sit on five city commissions.

And then there was the photographer, the man who says he could hear everything from the perch up on Sacramento Street. “If there were gunshots, I could hear them. If there were people protesting, I could hear them.” Gordon Chin, one of the many activists interviewed in the film, says he remembers Chuck speaking at events and then stepping off the podium and starting the film rolling. “Harry would almost always have that camera with him. We assumed he knew what he was doing and we assumed there was film in the camera.” Film even drew Harry to San Francisco State College for a master’s program.