Andrés Gallegos Shoots Award-Winning Thesis Film in Chile

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

ARRI -- Shoe Shiner is a personal account of family history that inevitably surfaced after many years. The film recounts a story from a turbulent past. “Images of Chile during the 1980s are images of a dark period in my country. It is something that we will never forget, and often, it is too painful to be remembered,” says Andrés Gallegos.

Shooting in the middle of winter in Talca, Chile, provided the stark backdrop. “The winter in Talca has a very particular aesthetic; it has a mist that gives a very unique characteristic to the city,” he says.

In 2018, you were nominated by San Francisco State University for the American Society of Cinematographers Heritage Award. That is quite an honor.

“Definitely. It was a great honor. To be nominated by the ASC was amazing. I had the opportunity to see films by other directors of photography from all over, with a high level of production and very good cinematography. The audience reception to Shoe Shiner was remarkable. Having the opportunity to receive feedback, from both up-and-coming cinematographers and ASC members alike, was for me the best part of the experience.”