Alum Brenden Oshima Designs Street Banners in San Francisco's Japantown

Friday, July 26, 2019
BENZINGA -- The Japantown Community Benefits District an organization created to maintain economic development for property owners and merchants in the core business area of Japantown, is proud to announce the launch of fun new street banners that speak to the heart of the San Francisco Japantown community culture. The colorful banners are designed by three artists who have local roots in Japantown or have made Japantown their local roots. Each of the banners take a fun, colorful and creative look into Japanese/Japanese American culture that you can find within the borders of San Francisco’s Japantown. These banner outline the San Francisco Japantown’s core area. Brenden Oshima was born and raised in San Francisco. At a very young age it was obvious that Brenden had a passion for art. After a couple of years working as a car washer, Brenden decided to find a way to make a living with his art. He studied Cinema and animation at San Francisco State University. After graduation, Brenden has worked as an animator and illustrator. Brenden specializes in edgy graphic art and draws his inspired from themes from his favorite childhood comic and cartoon characters. “I support Japantown because it’s my home,” Oshima says. “I grew up on these streets since I was a toddler. I’ve made epic friends and beautiful memories.”