History Professor Charles Postel Explores Equality Movements After Civil War

Monday, August 26, 2019

RISING UP WITH SONALI, FREE SPEECH TV -- Charles Postel is author of The Populist Vision, which won the Bancroft Prize and the Frederick Jackson Turner Award. He is a professor of History at San Francisco State University.

The failings of capitalism and the rise of wealth inequality in the U.S. have become a more and more common topic of political discussion. Communities of color in the U.S. have long suffered disproportionately in terms of economic, racial and gender justice. But that is no accident as my next guest describes in his timely history book, Equality: An American Dilemma 1866 – 1896.

“You had these massive social movements unleashed by the Civil War in demanding equality,” Postel said. “Some of the biggest were farmers’ movements, but it was labor movements, women’s movements. And equality was on the agenda.”