Beep! Alum Alex Gonzalez's Thesis Film Screens at Latino Media Festival

Friday, October 04, 2019

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS -- Some of the filmmakers whose works screened at the Latino Media Festival endeavored to do just that. Alexander Gonzalez, who moved to Southern California a month ago for an internship at the Walt Disney Company, brought his San Francisco State University thesis film Beep — about an old man who likes to fix things and the robot that tries to fix him when he falls ill — to the fest.

“More people who look like us, more people who sound like us, more people who identify, not even with Latinx people in general, but who are very aware of other people’s cultures,” Gonzalez said were needed in industry decision-making positions. “I think that’s the reason why there are so many crappy films made with stereotypical characters; there is no understanding of people’s cultures, in general. The more people like us make films — directors, writers, producers, executives — the more our voices are going to be heard.”