A Celebration of Seaweed: Alum Josie Iselin's 'Algal Portraits' on display in Sausalito

Thursday, October 10, 2019

MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL -- Iselin, who has a bachelor’s degree in visual and environmental studies from Harvard and a Master of Fine Arts from San Francisco State University, has extensively researched her specimens, from reading scientific papers to talking to experts. That informed the detailed essays that accompany her images, filled with tidbits of science, philosophical musings and history, including stories of pioneering but little-known women marine scientists.

“One of the things that’s so rewarding about my work is that people feel like it’s opened their eyes they haven’t really paid attention to before, not only the seaweed detritus on the beach and learning the names, but also how important it is,” she says. “Seaweed is really, really fundamental to life in the ocean. It’s a primary producer, it’s an oxygenator. They’re really important. They’re as important as the rainforest.”