Professor McDaniel Analyzes Results of SF District Attorney, Board of Supervisor Races

Friday, November 08, 2019

MISSION LOCAL -- There are around 25,000 vote-by-mail ballots left to count and 13,000 provisional ballots. SF State Professor Jason McDaniel says he expects those provisionals to go strongly for Dean Preston — provisional voters do tend to lean left. That there are 25,000 late absentee ballots remaining is “good news for Vallie Brown. She needs a lead before all that’s left is provisionals. At this point, this is just too close to call.”

And the same goes for the District Attorney’s race. Some 30,000 votes were counted today and Suzy Loftus’ 2,200-vote cushion was shaved down to a mere 879 votes.

“He cut her lead by more than half. And if the ballots look like this tomorrow, that could put Chesa [Boudin] ahead,” says McDaniel. “So it’s coming down to the wire.”