Professor McDaniel: Managing Relationship with Law Enforcement Will Be SF District Attorney's 'Biggest Challenge'

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

COURTHOUSE NEWS SERVICE -- Jason McDaniel, a political scientist with San Francisco State University, said having a relationship with law enforcement will be difficult for Boudin as he begins to build a staff and settle into the office.

“Managing the police and sheriff side of the politics will be the biggest challenge,” McDaniel said.

Chesa Boudin has hit back, calling the police union out of touch.

“The leadership of the police union is really disconnected from the values of San Francisco voters,” Boudin said during an appearance on the news program DemocracyNow! on Monday.

McDaniel agreed with the assessment, saying the police have struggled to realize that many residents in San Francisco perceive them as part of a broken criminal justice system rather than a beneficial force.

“A lot of people in San Francisco feel that way, probably even a majority,” he said.