Professor McDaniel Comments on Progressive Power in SF Board of Supervisors

Friday, November 22, 2019

KQED NEWS (SAN FRANCISCO) -- With nine out of 11 supervisors now identifying as progressive (if you include Preston), Breed’s ability to set the legislative agenda by signing or vetoing legislation — perhaps the strongest tool of the executive branch — is muffled.

“They [progressives] have enough to override any veto that she may use,” San Francisco State Political Science Professor Jason McDaniel said.

“I think there is a sense in the board now that they are going to be driving policy and driving the agenda much more so than the mayor.”

A veto or signature still holds symbolic power. But it remains to be seen how Breed might wield her signature — and that’s something to keep an eye on, according to McDaniel.

“How to navigate that?” he asked. “She is going to maybe use that to call out policy differences where she disagrees, but still highlight some things that she might agree with as she begins her statement about the legislation.”