Students Show Off New Moves in 'Passion Footprints'

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Auditions and rehearsals for the showcase are a semester long process, but student choreographers were able to incorporate their themes, narratives, and actual choreography (to an extent) from their previous composition/choreography classes.

Throughout this semester numerous hours were put into creating the showcase in which choreographers auditioned their cast members the first two weeks of the fall semester. Two- to four- hour weekly rehearsals and weekly showings of the work-in-progress occurs until two weeks before Thanksgiving Break.

““One of the amazing aspects of this show is that each year we get a new crop of choreographers that bring whole new ideas to the show,” said Patricia Tomita, assistant student director for the showcase. “I think that the new dancers bring their own style and background that makes every year different from the past.”