Alum Juli Delgado Lopera on Language, Matriarchy, New Book 'Fiebre Tropical'

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Photo of Juliana Delgado-Lopera

48 HILLS (SAN FRANCISCO) -- When I met San Francisco author, artist and historian Juli Delgado Lopera on the patio of Atlas Cafe in the Mission last Friday, they had exciting news to share. After we air-hugged, they told me that the New York Times was publishing a review of their first novel “Fiebre Tropical” the next day — and it was wildly positive.

“It’s a dream come true, something I’ve imagined since I was little” said Lopera. “Especially for a first-time Latinx author with a book full of Spanglish, published on a feminist press.” (The book is literally published by Feminist Press.)

“I was witting a short story for my [Master of Fine Arts] program at SF State, which revolved around the baptism scene now in the novel, when Francisca begins to see how this evangelical church is very different. I remembered conversations in the church around baptizing unborn children. And then the characters started growing and growing, and I realized they couldn’t be contained within the short story. So I started calling it a novella and then it just kept growing and I was like, OK, this has to be a whole, full-on thing.”