Grad Student Geoffrey A. Ramirez Researches History of KKK in Fresno

Thursday, October 15, 2020

GV WIRE (FRESNO) -- In 2017, Geoffrey A. Ramirez — then a student at San Francisco State — published a history of the KKK in Fresno. The organization was active in the 1920s, led by Dr. L. F. Luckie.

Ramirez reported on Euless’ KKK affiliation. As Euless became a prominent businessman in town, his history with the KKK seemed to be whitewashed.

“The Fresno Klan was a branch of a fraternity which promoted racism, participated in mob violence, and attempted political manipulation of cities and states. These facts are damning and should not be ignored when analyzing any part of the Invisible Empire,” Ramirez wrote.