After 30 Years, Professor Gilligan Finally Made It on 'Jeopardy!' -- for Alex Trebek's Final Game

Friday, January 08, 2021

DESERET NEWS (SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH) -- Although slightly crestfallen, the San Francisco State University professor got an extra three weeks to prepare for the game.

“Jeopardy!” typically films five games each Monday and Tuesday — two weeks worth of shows. When Gilligan returned to the studio at the end of October, “Jeopardy!” was filming just one week’s worth of shows during that time — three episodes on October 26 and two on October 27.

On the show’s set, while waiting for his name to get called, Gilligan took it all in. There wasn’t a studio audience because of the pandemic, so it was fairly quiet. But that didn’t make things any less thrilling for him.

“You walk onto the set and it’s just like in a dream,” he said. “Something that I have seen for over half my life, five nights a week … and there I was!”