Outside Lands Podcast Explores SF State Sutro Egyptian Collection

Friday, March 05, 2021
A display case of taxidermied cats at the “Panorama of the World” exhibition at Sutro Baths in San Francisco, circa 1910. Photo courtesy of the Western Neighborhoods Project.

OUTSIDE LANDS PODCAST (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Adolph Sutro’s vast wealth enabled his passion for collecting. Dr. Lissette Jiménez, Egyptologist at SF State University, joins the Nicole, David and John to describe the breadth and depth of Sutro’s acquisitions. From mummies to books to amusement rides, there were virtually no limits to Sutro’s eclectic collection.

“I’ve taken on a much more comprehensive role now, studying the [SF State Sutro Egyptian Collection] and really using it in my research and in my classes,” Jiménez said. “And now, we’re starting to focus on issues of colonialism, creating accurate historical narratives about ancient Egyptians that really don’t rely on traditional stereotypes.”