Alum Joan Summers Recalls Best, Worst Moviegoing Experiences

Monday, May 03, 2021

JEZEBEL -- I don’t like good stuff, so I’ll start with the negatives. Before I was a writer, I went to school for documentary film production, first at community college, and then at San Francisco State. It’s only because of this that I know quite a lot about movies, but mostly about suffering through the bad ones with a bunch of strangers. My worst experience was the $50 I was paid by a blog that doesn’t exist anymore to review the 2017 “Power Rangers” movie. I saw it at an AMC in the city, and the blog wouldn’t comp me for the ticket price, which was $25 dollars. I barely broke even, and like 500 people read it max.

I’d also rank my first time seeing “The Holy Mountain” at The Roxie high up on the list. I can’t remember what else showed that night, but in the years since, “The Holy Mountain” is still one of my favorite movies—if you can even call it a movie. I went with some classmates from Cheryl Dunye’s course on screenwriting. and we snuck in burritos and watermelon agua fresca from Pancho Villa next door. Sorry to The Roxie, because I know we shouldn’t have done that, but I don’t regret it, sadly.