Now a Player Agent, Alum Amber Sabathia Highlights Progress for Women in Sports Business

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Amber Sabathia rests her left arm on a railing while seated indoors

THE NEW YORK TIMES -- For so long, Sabathia prioritized her husband’s career. They met while at Vallejo High School in their Northern California hometown. Back then, when C.C. was a top pitching prospect, she didn’t dream of becoming an agent. In fact, she wanted to be a teacher. She attended San Diego State University for three years, finishing the final two semesters of her Liberal Studies degree at San Francisco State University while her husband played for Cleveland.

“I was literally driving to San Francisco State, dropping my kids off at the day care on campus, going to school all day and picking them up,” said Sabathia, who later received a certificate in philanthropy and fundraising at New York University while her husband pitched for the Yankees.