Marcus Funds Past Winners

2019 – 2020 Marcus Research Fellowship Grant Winners

“Battles, Bridges and Books: The Pursuit of Higher Education After Military Service”
Student: Janelle Scarritt
Mentor: Martha Lincoln

“Development of a Hybrid Motorcycle Conversion Kit to Reduce Pollution in Low-Income Urban Areas”
Student: Anucha (Poh) Maga
Mentor: Silvan Linn

“Does State of Residence Influence Concerns about Economic Inequity”
Student: Hannah Galindo
Mentor: Ronald Hayduk

“Embodiment in XR: Using Research through Design Techniques in VR to Explore New Approaches to Attention, Interaction Rituals and Spatial Metaphors.”
Student: Crystal Candalla
Mentor: Joshua McVeigh-Schultz

“Gender’s Corporeality: Deconstructing Trans-Boundaries in Cinema.”
Student: Lindhan Le
Mentor: Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto

“Ireland and the Rise of Left-Wing Nationalism”
Student: Mikayla Cordero
Faculty member: Amy Skonieczny

“Potential Wilderness”
Student: Duriel Meisner
Mentor: Sean McFarland

“Social Media Usage and Political Behavior: Understanding How Situational Context Impacts Participation.”
Student: Jorge Urroz
Mentor: Francis Neely

“The Construct of Love and Sexuality in 17th-Century Japan”
Student: Kayla Ratliff
Mentor: Laura Lisy-Wagner

“The Value of Life”
Student: Jamila Hayes
Mentor: Celine Parreñas Shimizu

2019 – 2020 Marcus Undergraduate Assistantship Grant Winners

“A Juggler’s Choice: Agendas and Attention in the Modern Presidency.”
Student: Elizabeth Wedel
Mentor: Rebecca Eissler

“China’s Multilateral Activism and the Postwar Order: Rule Taker, Rule Shaper, Rule Breaker or Rule Maker?”
Student: Samuel Catania
Mentor: See-Won Byun

“Is It Teasing or Bullying? Interactional Practices and Blurry Lines.”
Student: Austin Schutz
Mentor: Leah Wingard

“Vegetarian Indian Restaurant or Indian Vegetarian Restaurant: Order of Attributes in Search Queries.”
Student: Lauren Baker
Mentor: Anastasia Smirnova

“What They Bring with Them: Pre-Migration Experiences and Trajectories in American Politics of American Immigrants.”
Student: Yvette Osio
Mentor: Marcela García-Castañon


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