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Luka M.
Department: Humanities
Year: Junior
Class: CMX 604

How I Lived in My Car While I Attended School

Student homelessness is a prevalent and persisting issue at any school. Nearly 18 percent of American college students suffer from the lack of proper housing, but I didn't think I'd be a statistic. Throughout my week of living in my car, I wrote an extensive journal entry everyday that detailed the things I did and the things I ate. A year later, I turned it into an infographic comic.

My week of living in my car is tame compared to other homeless students who endure months, or years, of surviving in a cramped metal vehicle. In that week alone, I noticed others who also shouldered huge backpacks and slept at the Research Commons in the library.

Although the topic of homelessness feels far and impossible, it's a pulsating crisis that light needs to be shed on. For me, it was a first-hand experience that made me recognize the flaws of America's overpriced educational and housing system. I can only hope that my comic can jog questions and concerns about student homelessness, and inspire change within our community.