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Cassidy Klopstock
Department: Liberal Studies
Year: Junior
Class: LS 426

Shape of Your Thoughts

For this assignment I tried to reflect on the emotions of my thoughts and which emotions are prevalent in my everyday thinking. Also, ever since our classes grid exercise I’ve noticed myself categorizing things into boxes and grids in my doodles and thought I should incorporate that into this project as well. I also wanted to use water colors because I’ve used them before and thought it would represent my space ideas.

When I start to zone out in my thoughts for a long time people tell me I’m in my own world which gave me the idea to create different planets of emotions all orbiting around a central idea. The long bottom box is earth and space itself with a pink hot air balloon that’s meant to represent me leaving this world and entering my own. The sun in the middle is love which I believe is the strongest emotion, I kept it yellow because it also means happiness to me and is one of my favorite colors. The green foggy planet is meant to be envy because that’s an emotion that can easily cloud my judgement. The planet on the bottom left represents joy, I used my favorite mix of colors because it’s the most important emotion to me. The blue planet with rings is anxiety, it’s one of the biggest planets because I do have a lot of anxiety in everyday life and it can feel like a constant worry, or orbit, of things. The overlapping box is a large comet just showing fire, representing anger. These two boxes tend to overlap in my life more than I’d like to admit. The last box in the upper right corner is a planet meant to represent passion and growth, and I used a blooming poppy as a root to California being my home.